New York Comic Con 2014 highlights

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Fans bid a bittersweet farewell to the beloved “Legend of Korra” series.

If you didn’t get enough comics, graphic novels, video games, TV, and movies at this summer’s San Diego Comic Con, then this week’s New York Comic Con definitely delivered big news and celebrity appearances.

Disney unveiled Tomorrowland, a movie that brings the futuristic theme park to life with a tale that follows the misadventures of a genius teen inventor.

Marvel gave fans plenty to drool over, including more details on how they’re going to handle the death of Wolverine in their comics and details on the action hero Netflix series Daredevil.

Comic rival DC highlighted their well-received Gotham Batman prequel series, The Flash spinoff from Arrow, and the darkly supernatural Constantine.

Nickelodeon also came out strong with a glimpse at the Legend of Korra’s final season, and how they’ll bring the beloved animated series to a close.

Featured image courtesy of New York Comic Con Facebook. Image of Korra courtesy of Nickelodeon.