Sunday Night Football meets the Matrix

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Ever seen that special effect where the camera spins around someone while they’re not moving? First popularized by the sci-fi Matrix movies, this technique is now being brought to the NFL by a company called Free Dimensional Video (or “freeD” as they like to call themselves). By combining images into a three-dimensional, photo-realistic scene, the cameras can render a slow-motion effect from every single angle around a group of players in just 30 seconds. While the broadcasting company NHK first pioneered the use of this nifty effect, now NBC has announced plans to use their own Matrix-like camera on Sunday Night Football games this season. When sports fans yell at the refs on the television for making a bad call, they’ll now have a three-dimensional view of things to really get their blood pumping.

Video courtesy of freeD Yankee Stadium from Replay on Vimeo.