NFL Week 10 highlights

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

NFL Week 10 showed that many of this season’s ultimate outcomes won’t be decided until December. Take the Carolina Panthers, for example. It seemed like the NFC South contest was all but won by the Saints just a few weeks back, but Carolina’s well-played 10-9 win against the 49ers certainly raised some eyebrows. There’s two games left against New Orleans, who they clawed to pieces last year, so things are going to get very interesting next month. Another team who deserves applause after Sunday are the Broncos, who handled the San Diego Chargers well with a 28-20 road win. On a less positive note, the Indianapolis Colts suffered an embarrassing 38-8 loss to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. They gave up three long touchdowns to Rams rookie Tavon Austin and Trent Richardson had a grand total of… 2 yards rushing.

Featured image courtesy of Carolina Panthers Facebook.