NFL Week 12 highlights

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Week 12 in the NFL followed trends from the past few weeks, with familiar faces continuing to gain momentum or falling further into ruin. The NFC North looks like one hot mess, as the supposedly No. 1 Lions suffered a 24-21 home loss to the 3-8 Buccaneers. The No. 2 Bears also struggled in a 42-21 loss to the St. Louis Rams. Oh, and the No. 3 Packers barely managed a tie against the… 2-8 Vikings. Really guys? This is what the top 3 teams are doing in the NFC North? Fortunately, the AFC is looking cleaner, with maybe the exception of AFC South’s Colts. After being crushed 40-11 by the Cardinals, Indianapolis is 7-4 and fading fast. The Denver Broncos also got clobbered when the Patriots erased a 24-0 halftime gap, lifting New England to an 8-3 record. As for the Panthers, they’ve clawed their way to No. 3 and pulled down the Dolphins 20-16.

Featured image courtesy of New England Patriots Facebook.