NFL Week 7 highlights

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

While there were many ups and downs in Week 7 of the NFL season, a few teams definitely stuck out. First off, the Green Bay Packers seem to be sitting on their NFC North throne very securely – despite their talent pool being thin due to injuries, they still defeated the Browns in a lopsided 31-13 game. Compare this to the Bears falling prey to the weak Redskins and the Lions fumbling a home game to Cincinnati, and the Packers look positively kingly. As for the 5-2 San Francisco 49ers, who’ve often been average this season, their 31-17 defeat of the Tennessee Titans definitely showed the kind of balanced strength that might carry them to February. On the flip side of the hype train, the Kansas City Chiefs just aren’t living up to their elite 7-0 record, after barely scraping out a 17-16 victory against the awful Houston Texans.

Featured image courtesy of Green Bay Packers Facebook.