NHL division standings after first quarter of the season

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

The NHL 2013-14 season reached the first quarter mark recently, and the division standings are starting to take shape. While anything’s possible and nothing’s decided, there’s definitely some patterns showing. In the Eastern Conference, the 16-6-2 Boston Bruins have the upper hand in the Atlantic Division, with the 15-8-1 Tampa Bay Lightning striking close behind. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Division is a contest between the relatively secure 15-9-1 Pittsburgh Penguins and 12-10-2 Washington Capitals. On the Western Conference side of the fence in the Central Division, the 17-4-4 Chicago Blackhawks are neck and neck with the 17-3-3- St. Louis Blues. As for the Pacific Division, the 17-7-3 Anaheim Ducks are edging out the 15-3-5 San Jose Sharks, but where that ends up is anyone’s guess.

Featured image courtesy of Chicago Blackhawks Facebook.