Nike to make self-tying sneakers by 2015

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Nike shoes
These are the iconic Nike Mag from the movie.

In the movie Back to the Future, main character Marty McFly slips his feet into a pair of Nike Mag, a special shoe with laces that tie themselves at the push of a button. The kicks became so popular, Nike released 1,500 limited edition replicas… only they didn’t actually have the power-lace feature. This time, the company is planning to make a pair that actually tie themselves, just like in the movie franchise, and they should be available in the year 2015!

While Nike designer Tinker Hatfield did confirm the new version will have the beloved self-tying feature, he did not reveal whether they were going to be a new model of the Mag altogether. One thing is for sure, though – you won’t have an excuse anymore to leave your laces untied! What’s next, self-zipping jackets and self-buckling belts? Pretty soon, we’ll just hop out of bed, press a few buttons, and be instantly dressed! Now, if only they came up with self-completing homework…

Images courtesy of Sole Collector on Twitter.