Not at home? Play with your pet using a robot

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

petcube collage

There’s a new invention in town, where you can play with your pet even when you’re not at home. Using a small laser that can be controlled by your phone or a computer, this invention allows pet owners to play with their cats, dogs, and any other laser-chasing animal when they’re not around.

Even your friends can log on to your webcam and play with the animal!

What’s more interesting, though, is the story behind this unique invention.  Alex Neskin had a problem. His little black Chihuahua dog, named Rocky, spent all day barking when he wasn’t at home to play with him.

See, the poor little Chihuahua was lonely and bored, and would entertain himself scratching and barking at the door. Rocky made so much noise, that soon enough the neighbors were complaining as much as the dog!

Neskin decided to use his fascination with building robots to come up with a solution. He combined a computer chip with a webcam and attached a remote-controlled laser to be able to play with his dog from work. Soon enough, he was able to invite his friends to also play with his dog online, by creating a website where the laser can be controlled.

Then, they got an idea. Aren’t there tons of people out there who have little dogs yapping up a storm when they’re at work or school? Isn’t there a whole world of lonesome and hyperactive kitties and puppies causing all sorts of mischief while their masters are gone? They had a solution. No more would people need to worry about their couches and carpets getting all filthy, or their neighbors going bonkers from loud pets!

Now,  Neskin and his pals have made a whole business out of this invention, calling it Petcube! Amazing, isn’t it, how a problem can be solved with a bit of creativity?

Images and video courtesy of Petcube.