Once Upon a Time’s “Frozen” premieres

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Elsa and Anna
The “Frozen” sisters, with Georgina Haig as Elsa and Elizabeth Lail as Anna, were wonderfully brought to life in season 4’s premiere.

Frozen is definitely one of Disney’s most wildly popular animated hits in years, which is why Disney on Ice is producing a live-action Frozen-themed show and ABC/Disney’s Once Upon a Time TV series premiered its 4th season with Frozen characters!

Once Upon a Time features classic Disney characters, like Snow White, Prince Charming, and Captain Hook, who find themselves trapped in our world. In the season 3 finale, viewers caught a glimpse of Frozen‘s beautiful ice sorceress Elsa coming alive from a glowing pool of water, and they’ll get plenty more of her frosty magic this season.

Judging by the amazing season premiere this week, the casting of Georgina Haig as Elsa, Elizabeth Lail as Anna, and Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff was truly inspired. The episode featured plenty of heartfelt moments, like Elsa and Anna learning the truth about why they lost their parents and a nostalgic Beauty and the Beast scene between Rumpelstiltskin and Belle.

Moving forward, Elsa will be appearing in about nine episodes, while Anna and Kristoff won’t show up quite as often. Then again, that’s not too surprising, since Elsa’s definitely the coolest of the bunch… no pun intended! The Queen of Arendelle will still be struggling with her chilling powers, and the town of Storybrooke just might end up falling under her wintry spell. That’s where Anna will come in, and just like in Frozen, her sisterly love will help Elsa keep her cool… or should I say lose her cool? Wait, if she loses her cool, she’ll be too chill, and everything gets really cold, and then… nevermind. Anyhow, Kristoff, will keep both of the sisters down to earth with his gruff-but-loving personality. Cool, huh? Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

Images courtesy of Disney and ABC.