One Direction’s “Story of My Life” strums the heart

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

One Direction boys
I can’t imagine these sweet looking gents running around and breaking hearts!

One Direction lays on the heartbreak in “Story of My Life,” spinning a tune about chasing love in all the wrong places.

The single, which will appear in the upcoming Midnight Memories album, is definitely a lot slower than “Best Song Ever” and “What Makes You Beautiful.” That said, it’s still got enough life and thump to it for your heart to feel like its own life story’s being told.

The kick drum seems to have taken over for the usual electric guitar that the boys enjoy strumming, probably thanks to its popularity in Mumford & Sons songs.

Now, everyone from Gavin Degraw to Lady Antebellum is putting the beater to the pedal.

One Direction does make good use of it, though, helping to fill out the sad romantic melody with the broken heartbeat pounding beneath all that teen angst. Casual fans may not enjoy the raspy vocals and harsher meaning behind the words, and even hardcore Directioners might find it a touch too rough-and-tumble. I definitely enjoyed it, however, and it shows a more mature side to the lads.

Images courtesy of One Direction Music.