Paralympic Games kick off in Sochi

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Paralympic competitor
Paralympic competitors are some of the toughest athletes you’ll find.

If the city of Sochi, Russia thought it could take a break from the Olympics now that the 2014 Winter Games are over, think again! The Paralympic Winter Games began on Friday, with an inspiring opening ceremony of parading nations.

See, there’s an incredible group of athletes who are fiercely competitive, even though they suffer from a range of physical or intellectual disabilities. These champions of the unconquerable human spirit have risen above disadvantages like amputated limbs or blindness to become Olympian contenders, and the Paralympic Games is their biggest international multi-sport event.

What began as a small group of World War II veterans in 1948, has now become one of the biggest global sporting events, and this year’s competition runs from March 7-16.

Images courtesy of Paralympic Games Facebook.