Parents underestimate the weight of their children

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

large girl
Since the media tends to show extremely obese kids, parents consider their children relatively slim. This can lead to poor health being ignored.

When it comes to estimating the weight of their children, parents may be too blinded by love to see when things have gotten… out of proportion. A new study found about 50% of parents with obese or overweight children still see their kids as slim!

It may seem harmless, but adults play an important role in providing well-balanced meals and teaching good eating habits. How can a parent take steps to prevent childhood obesity when they can’t even see it?

Researchers believe there are two different reasons for these unrealistic views. The first is that adults don’t want put a label on their kids and caused them stress. Another explanation is that the grown-ups don’t really understand what it means to be overweight, because pictures in the media tend to show severely obese children. Of course their own kids look slim in comparison!

It can also be difficult for doctors and parents to have conversations about overweight kids, but past research has shown it’s helpful. If parents are informed about the true weight of their kids, they can encourage the youngsters to turn off the TV and be more active. As medical experts point out, adults should always motivate kids to be more physically active!

Featured image courtesy of Gaulsstin on FlickrImage of obese girl courtesy of lwpkommunikacio on Flickr.