Paris Fashion Week comes to a stylish end

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Dior’s bright fashion line dazzled.

In Paris, France, where the magnificent Eiffel tower stretches into the sky and the smell of freshly cooked crepes fill the streets, the fashion industry’s major players gathered for Paris Fashion Week. Drawing the likes of Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton, fashion insiders showed off their threads, checked out the competition, and previewed upcoming collections that will be sold to fashionistas and eager shoppers. Paris Fashion Week is the last of the Big 4 fashion weeks this year, following last month’s New York, London, and Milan fashion extravaganzas.

Louis Vuitton sparkled with an all-black show of Swan-like headpieces, but also focused on ready-to-wear leather and wool combinations that non-models could easily pull off. Chanel’s runway offering sported colorful graphics and unusual tweed fabrics, with street-inspired pop art vibes, shimmering leggings, and metallic sheen spotting the clothes. Givenchy blended a quirky hybrid of African and Japanese traditional dress, strutting with tribal kimonos, while hitting high fashion notes with delicate dresses, furs, and clothes that look like they could be worn by either a man or a woman. Dior went floral with bright prints layered over custom-fitted threads like lengthy dresses and trench coats.

Featured image courtesy of Givenchy. Image of Dior runway courtesy of Dior.