Bond villain makes real-life super submarine

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Jump on in and fly the friendly seas.

James Bond is easily one of the most popular secret agent characters ever, and you can always count on him facing ultra-rich and powerful villains. These mustache-twirling bad guys love to travel in high-tech planes and submarines… whenever they’re not drawing up world-conquering schemes in swanky secret lairs. In the 1980 flick For Your Eyes Only, real-life marine engineer Graham Hawke piloted a sub that attacked James Bond, and now he’s selling futuristic DeepFlight submarines to the world!

Mwahaha… ahem. So, where can you get your fiendish hands on one of these devious deep-diving subs? Well, Hawke’s California-based company, Hawkes Ocean Technologies, has developed the $1.7 million personal submarine machine, the DeepFlight Super Falcon!

This craft, which looks like it was pieced together by a mad genius, can carry up to 2 people underwater to see canyons and colorful marine life… or take over the world. You know, whatever floats your boat… or should I say, sinks your sub? Cue the cackling.

Unlike traditional submarines, which fill up hollowed out spaces with water to dive down and empty them to resurface, the DeepFlight Super Falcon uses the same “lift” and “drag” principles as regular airplanes. This means that the underwater machine is always positively “buoyant” – floating unless it’s being pulled down. The watercraft, which has a length of 21 feet and a wingspan almost 9 feet long, will shoot straight to the surface in the event of a power loss. For those lucky enough to afford the multi-million dollar vehicle, they’ll be sailing below the ocean surface like nobody’s business.

Images courtesy of Hawkes Ocean Technologies.