Pets boost human relationships

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

cat pet
How could pets not make you feel good? They are so cute and they love you unconditionally.

If you’re trying to convince your parents to let you get a pet, tell them this: people who form strong bonds with animals also tend to have better social relationships with humans! Not only that, but these loving animals boost physical health as well, so they’ll keep you nice and fit. Just owning a pet doesn’t count though – you have to actually care for it.

To show this, researchers studied the attitudes of 500 people towards themselves and towards animals. They found the ones that cared more for animals were more likely to be involved in their community and take on leadership roles.

Also, if the animal lovers were more attached to their pets as teenagers, they expressed confidence and empathy – the ability to understand other people’s feelings!

Are your parents still not convinced? Well, a previous study revealed that individuals who loved their pets very much had better mental health, were more physically fit, were more engaged with society, had more self-respect, and were less likely to feel lonely.

Featured image courtesy of Mike Baird on Wikimedia. Image of cat courtesy of Wapiko on Flickr.