Photographer unleashes mini versions of himself

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Jens photo
Talk about a unique resume!

Normally, people create business cards or unique websites to promote themselves for jobs. Well, Sweden-based photographer Jens Lennartsson is taking it to the next level by creating mini action figure versions of himself! He then sends these mini-Jens to companies that might want to use his photo skills.

Lennartsson purchased 400 dolls that he calls “GI Jens” and placed them inside boxes with details about his abilities. Considering the thousands of views his YouTube video has, the expensive stunt just might have been worth the dough he shelled out for mini-me copies!

On his website, Lennartsson explains his reasons for going that extra mile: “Well, first of all: why the [heck] not!? Many photographers spend a lot of cash to design the perfect portfolio, print it and send to the people they want to work for. Just to have it disappear among hundreds of similar mailings. If you’ve ever been in touch with an art director, art buyer or owner of an ad agency, you’ll know that they have a zillion things to do and as many people to meet. Unless you make an epic impression, you’ll be forgotten. I needed more than a paper folder to stand out.”

Featured image courtesy of Jens Lennartsson Photography on YouTube.