The 320-pound ballet dancing NFL lineman

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

steve mclendonDid you know ballet can be so demanding on your body, so tough to practice, and so amazingly powerful for your fitness level, that an NFL star has used it to improve his football skills? In fact, many athletes are turning to ballet for improving their strength, speed, balance, and mental focus. The massive Pittsburgh Steelers lineman, Steve McLendon, who weighs in at a monstrous 320-pounds of destruction, has done his fair share of pirouettes (spinning around in a full turn on your toe or the ball of your foot).  For the past four years, his ballet instructor, Stephanie Kibler says, “I work him harder than the majority of women will ever work in a ballet setting. He does it well. He might have sweat dripping off him and looking at me like I’m crazy, but he does it… It’s almost like he’s mastering the craft of ballet. He’s not in there just for football.” So, think twice if you don’t consider ballet to be a manly sport!

Featured image courtesy of Dalbera on Flickr.