Pocket Monsters are back in a new TV series

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Charmander char!

Here’s your chance to finally catch them all! The Pokémon Company is back with a new TV series that is sure to satisfy all your pokecravings. Instead of following Ash, fans are saying goodbye to Pikachu and crew to welcome a new trainer in “Pocket Monsters: The Origins.” Though many fans speculated that the series would revolve around the new Pokémon X and Y games, representatives clued us in that it will actually focus on an alternate route they could have taken with the original Pokémon.

“Pocket Monsters: The Origins” is set to take place in the Kanto region and will follow an all-new poke team that consists of a new trainer and his Charmander. The trailer, which was released two days ago, shows the new trainer (who has yet to be named) battling Brock – the rockin’ gym leader with a macho Geodude – and his rival’s Blastoise.

If you’re having a little trouble with the Japanese in the trailer, it says that “Pocket Monsters: The Origins” will air on TV Tokyo October 2. Along with the Nintendo 3DS and the newest poke games, you can be sure I’ll be on my couch searching for an online source to watch. Now, here’s the real question… is Ash still going to be the greatest trainer of all time or is this dude and Charmander going to blow him off the map?

Images and video courtesy of Nintendo.