Police tech stops crime before it happens

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

police tech
Advanced police technology allows law enforcement agencies to be more vigilant and serve their cities effectively.

Can you imagine what types of technologies law enforcement agencies use in their headquarters nowadays? I can’t say, since I’ve never been in a police station, but I bet they’re filled with high-tech monitors, touch screens, and super-advanced computers with flashing lights zig-zagging everywhere. Seems fair to think, right?

Unfortunately, most police stations use outdated operating systems that require officers to input information manually. Seems backwards since they’re funded by the government, but a lot of police stations actually don’t have enough money to blow on awesome gadgets due to budget cuts. However, more law enforcement agencies around the world are currently adopting new technology to keep their cities safe.

One way police will up their game is through the use of a closed circuit TV (CCTV) – a system of cameras that send video to a specific place. A city-wide CCTV system allows law enforcement to keep track of the town and make sure everything’s peaceful! In fact, some places have already taken advantage of these capabilities. For example, the San Diego Trolley Corporation in California uses cameras to monitor their passengers and the surrounding areas. If the video recorders spot anything suspicious-looking, they alert security guards about the activity right away, so if there’s a fuss, it’ll be stopped as soon as it starts.

Hmmm, wouldn’t it be better to prevent a ruckus before it starts? Yes, and thankfully there’s software that can predict where and when a crime is going to occur. What?! How’s this even possible? Well, over a period of time, certain trends begin to occur, like attack rates increasing in the summer. The software tracks trends and estimates when it’ll happen again. Just to show you how effective the software can be, a police station in Virginia began using this technology back in 2006 and since then, crime rates have dropped by as much as 30%!

Well, 70% is still a lot of crime. I’ve seen it on the news all the time where a criminal breaks the law and gets away with it. If that’s the case, more agencies could incorporate advancing biometric technology, which uses a person’s individual body features to identify them. Places like casinos already use biometric gear to scope out liars, and airport terminals are able to match faces to passport pictures. The police plan to use biometric tech to locate escaped criminals!

Police officers have sworn to protect their cities, so it’s nice knowing they’ll have advanced technology to help them do it.

Featured image courtesy of Thomas Hawk on Flickr. Image of caution tape courtesy of Picture Perfect Pose on Flickr.