Rangers and Kings head to Stanley Cup Finals

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

LA Kings head to Finals
The Blackhawks fought tooth and nail all the way until the very end of Game 7, but the LA Kings were victorious with an intense overtime win.

The Chicago Blackhawks survived what could have been a decisive Game 6 in the Western Conference on Friday, beating the Los Angeles Kings 4-3. However, this past Saturday night, the Kings won Game 7 in a thrilling 5-4 victory in overtime!

And which team will the Western champs be going up against this coming Wednesday? The New York Rangers!

In a closely fought 1-0 match on Thursday against the Montreal Canadiens, Dominic Moore made the winning shot that crowned his team Eastern Conference champs. This is the first time the Rangers have made it to the championship round since they won it all in 1994. In honor of their victory, the Big Apple lit up the Empire State Building in the team’s colors.

No matter who goes home with the Stanley Cup championship trophy, the Rangers and Kings have already made history, becoming the first two NHL teams ever to advance after surviving the full 14 games of the first 2 rounds.

Featured image courtesy of New York Rangers Facebook. Image of Los Angeles Kings courtesy of the Los Angeles Kings Facebook.