Rare winter storm hits Deep South, stranding thousands

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

South storm
That’s a lot of snow and freezing temperatures!

Earlier this week, the National Weather Service issued a weather watch from the southern tip of Texas all the way to southern Virginia. They predicted a rare winter storm of ice, snow, strong winds, and bitter cold temperatures. When the bizarre weather struck Tuesday and Wednesday, thousands of citizens were left stranded in their cars, grocery stores, and school buildings!

As the snow first began to fall,  employees left work and children had their school day cut short, instantly jamming the roads. It grew even worse as treacherous road conditions, thousands of hurried drivers, and several stalled big rigs turned freeways and roads into really large parking lots. At least one pregnant woman was forced to give birth inside of her vehicle and tens of thousands of children were stranded inside school buildings or buses. Imagine spending the night locked in your car or snoozing on the cold classroom floor!

More than 3,500 flights have been delayed across the country because of the unusually icy conditions and the governors of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi have all declared a state of emergency. Now, shelters have been opened, and authorities are searching for trapped people.

Image of map diagram courtesy of National Weather Service.