Reality show music competitions declining

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

X-Factor show
The US edition of The X-Factor barely lasted 3 seasons.

Reality show music competitions like American Idol used to be the highest-rated entertainment on TV. However, with popularity comes copycats, and soon other amateur performance competitions popped up, like Dancing With the Stars and America’s Got Talent. This overload of reality TV causes audiences to become more easily bored, which is why American Idol has hit all-time low ratings this season, former Idol judge Simon Cowell’s The X-Factor was cancelled after 3 seasons, and Cee Lo Green is leaving The Voice.

As the 13th season of Fox’s American Idol kicked off this year, even with Harry Connick Jr. as a new judge, it only delivered 15 million viewers – a 23% drop from last year.

Popular musician and The Voice judge Cee Lo Green announced on the Ellen talk show this week that after four seasons, he’s leaving the show to work on his album and explore other opportunities.

In early February, Fox announced that the US edition of The X-Factor would be cancelled, and creator-executive producer Simon Cowell, who was the “mean” judge on American Idol for 9 seasons, will be going to work for the UK version of the show.

Featured image courtesy of American Idol Facebook.