Red Sox head to World Series against Cardinals

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

The Red Sox may have entered the bottom of the seventh struggling to catch the 2-1 Tigers, but as the bases became loaded, the unlikeliest of saviors came to the plate – Shane Victorino. At that point in the ALCS, Victorino was 2 for 23, so after pitcher Jose Veras threw two curveballs for two strikes, nobody expected what came next. Veras hurled a curveball… that Victorino blasted straight out of the park and just over the Green Monster! This epic grand slam set the stage for Boston to beat Detroit 5-2, sealing their ALCS conquest.

Now, at long last, we know who’s duking it out in the World Series. Since the Cardinals crushed the Dodgers in a Game 6 win last week, Boston will be going head-to-head against St. Louis in Game 1 at Fenway Park on October 23! This is the first World Series since 2007 for the BoSox, and a rematch with the Cardinals since their last 2004 battle.

Featured image courtesy of Boston Red Sox Facebook.