Reese goes rugged for upcoming flick, Wild

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Reese Witherspoon stands with Cheryl Strayed, who offered a lot of guidance on set with tasks like carrying the heavy backpack and assembling the tent.

Big news for Reese Witherspoon as she hits the trails a blazin’ in an Oregon forest for 35 days with one thing on her mind: her character. She’s getting in the zone for her upcoming true story film, Wild, about a 26-year-old hiker by the name of Cheryl Strayed who took on the brutal Pacific Coast Trail in order to find mental clarity.

Strayed was determined to rid herself of inner demons caused by drug use, her mother’s death, and a recent divorce. So, it’s nice to see Reese avoiding all distractions, including her own vanity, as she ditches the smoke and mirrors for total concentration. Do we smell an Oscar-worthy performance in the future?

It is no secret this woman is a talented actress, dating all the way back to her humble beginnings as a child actor in a 1991 heartfelt drama, Man in the Moon. Director Jean-Marc Vallée (Dallas Buyers Club) is said to have stuck as closely to the original story as possible, using only natural light. I don’t know about you, but I am excited to see this gem of a flick evolve further. Entertainment Weekly reported director Jean-Marc Vallée saying, “The more we were shooting, the more the character, and Reese, got comfortable with Mother Nature, with the wilderness.”

Vallée  compared his actress’s commitment to Matthew McConaughey’s devotion in Dallas Buyers Club to the role of Ron Woodruff, an AIDS patient. Mathew lost 50 lbs for the part, and while Reese’s outdoor trekking isn’t necessary, it says a lot about her ambition as an actor.

Images courtesy of Reese Witherspoon Facebook.