Researchers teleport computer information!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Usually, computers send or receive information through electrons – tiny charged particles – that travel in the air or through a wire. Well, wires and wifi may be a thing of the past thanks to physicists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology who were able to teleport bits of information instantly! First, the physicists took a microchip and cooled it below freezing temperatures (brrr, someone get me a jacket). When they ran an electric current through the chip, the electrons inside didn’t flow from one side of the chip to the other like usual. Instead, they disappeared in one and reappeared inside the other.

Wow, teleportation, I never thought I’d live to see the day! This has to be some kind of major breakthrough right? Actually, other scientists have accomplished this feat before. However, they only managed to teleport information once or twice until their technique stopped working. The Swiss researchers, on the other hand, have ultimate control over their experiment. “Basically we can push a button and have this teleportation work every time,” said  Andreas Wallraff, Professor at the Department of Physics and the leader of the study. I hope this means full-body transportation devices are on the way soon! However, I may pass if it means I’ve got to be frozen in subzero temperatures…