[App Review] Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Tiny Death Star image
For the Empire! Oh, and those yummy Credits too.

Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, a smartphone gamer, or just plain into strategy games, you’ll definitely want to check out Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. Ever wondered what it took to run such a huge space weapon for the Empire? Well, you’ll soon be constructing your very own mini tower of doom by having to balance cash flow, entertainment services, restaurants, and even wedding rooms!

As kooky as it sounds, Tiny Death Star pulls off a unique blend of tactics that’ll have you shuffling resources around like Emperor Palpatine himself. It turns out that keeping a full-fledged Death Star operational requires quite a bit of customer service, as you frantically get “bitizens” to their desired floors in your evil little kingdom. Although the game can get pretty slow sometimes, rewarding you too little for tasks and stretching out how long it takes to make real progress, it’s still an enjoyable way to pass the time on the bus.

Despite the game being free, it really does try to tempt you with pay-to-win shortcuts, since spending real moola on Imperial Bux lets you instantly construct floors, unlock special alien species, and get unique costumes. That seems like a cheap (or should I say not-so-cheap) way to make you want to spend real cash for faster gameplay and custom goodies. That being said, if you’re patient, you won’t have to spend anything other than the Death Star’s in-game Credits earned from shipping bitizens around.

The graphics are adorable, with just enough detail, tongue-in-cheek style, and blinking lights to keep your eyes glued with the Force of their charm. And, once you get the flow of the Dark Side burning its electricity in your brain, Star Wars: Tiny Death star is a joy to play.

If you get really into it, the game developers recently released a mega “Imperial Update” that adds tons of new content, like levels, costumes, and fresh ways to roll in the Credits. The final verdict? We give it a “B-”.

Featured image courtesy of Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Facebook. Image of in-game screenshot courtesy of iTunes.