[Movie Review] The LEGO Movie

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

LEGO flick
Talk about a band of heroic misfits!

The LEGO Movie builds a zany, fast-paced adventure that makes Disney’s Frozen look overly serious and boring in comparison! Okay, maybe that’s going too far, but it truly is a great flick.

First of all, the writing is sharp, with jokes flying from animated Lego character mouths like lightning to tickle your funny bone. The visuals? A stitched together Frankenstein blend of old school stop-motion animation and slick digital imagery. Basically, imagine videotaping your Legos after they come to life and then lathering on layers of colorful shading with HD fingerpainting. It’s literally as if the animators built every image piece by piece just like a Lego set.

As for the story, it’s surprisingly deep. Construction worker “Emmet Brickowski” lives in a future controlled by entertainment companies. Coffee is $37 a cup, a song called “Everything Is Awesome” hypnotizes people into mindless fake joy, and everyone’s encouraged to fit in with the crowd… just like a Lego piece clicking into place. If you thought the movie WALL-E had lots to say about our dependence on technology and shallow entertainment, The LEGO Movie is way more brutal!

That being said, it’s not overly serious, since it features a solemn wizard named Virtuvius (voiced by Morgan Freeman) and a wily superhero team of Batman, Green Lantern, and… Abraham Lincoln, going on an epic quest to overthrow the evil President Business (voiced by the hilarious Will Ferrell).

As for the hero, Mr. Brickowski? Rather than being some rebellious cool guy, he’s plain as dirt. For some reason, though, everyone thinks he’s the Master Builder, destined to save the world. The plot moves along with a kind of kooky, free-roaming unpredictability that definitely keeps your eyes, ears, and heart glued to the screen, and it’s one of the better animated features I’ve seen in quite some time. The final verdict? This movie gets an “A+”.

Featured image courtesy of The LEGO Movie Facebook. Image of The LEGO Movie poster courtesy of www.thelegomovie.com.