Robots direct traffic in busy Congo streets

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

robo guard
Looks like the robo guard is drawing quite the crowd of admirers!

Speeding drivers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa better think twice before trying to catch that yellow light. Why? Engineers from a local university have built two solar-powered humanoid (human-like) robots to direct traffic and track reckless drivers who break the law!

The robo guards are programmed to follow preset patterns and instruct drivers when to stop and go, kind of like sophisticated traffic lights. Equipped with four cameras that capture traffic footage, the advanced machines send videos to a center where they can be analyzed. So far, these mechanical “cops” have relieved some traffic congestion in the busy intersection. Besides bringing order to crowded streets, the tall bots earn money for the local government, which spends a ton of cash fixing damaged roads.

Images courtesy of CCTV Africa on YouTube.