Rock icon Bill Everly taken too soon

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Everly Brothers
Don (right) and Phil (left) Everly in a promotional photo taken in 1958.

Legendary Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers, who was born on January 19, 1939 in Chicago, Illinois, passed away at the wise old age of 74 on Friday.  A few days after enjoying one last New Year’s Eve, the respected musician left this world behind with a remarkable collection of youthful, soft-spoken serenades of love, desire, and devotion. The harmonious way that Phil and his brother Don brought their voices together will always stir our hearts, reminding us of a more honest and down to earth era.

Songs like “Wake Up Little Susie” and “All I Have To Do Is Dream” were just a few of the chart-topping hits that marked Phil Everly and his brother as rock & roll pioneers, setting the stage for future vocal acts such as Simon and Garfunkel, and more popularly, The Beatles. Phil passed away close to home at a nearby hospital in Southern California and will be sorely missed by his brother Don, his mother Margaret Everly, his wife Patti, his sons, Jason and Chris, and his two granddaughters.

As his family mourns the tragic loss of a loved one, listeners all over the globe will also miss one of the most influential and poetic musical performers. There is so little we can say to keep alive the memory of such a soul, so my suggestion to you is to not say anything at all, and simply let the music speak to you.