Roku Streaming Stick brings internet to your TV

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Roku TV
The Streaming Stick can connect to your TV’s HDMI port.

The gadget known as Roku has become popular for streaming internet services like Netflix directly to TV screens across America. Although many are familiar with the cute little box, the same company has just released the Roku Streaming Stick, and it’s smaller than any other Roku streaming product.

Besides its much smaller size, the Streaming Stick is able to connect to HDMI ports in TVs. The tiny gadget will offer 1,200 apps and channels in HD quality, such as HBO Go, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, PBS, Angry Birds, Pandora, and many more. A similar device from Google called Chromecast also streams internet onto TV screens, but it has a lot less apps than the Streaming Stick.

While the Roku creation is slightly more expensive than Chromecast, it will come with an awesome remote for comfortable internet cruising. If you ever lose the remote, however, don’t worry; the Streaming Stick is easily controlled via a smartphone app!

Images courtesy of Roku.