Safety tips for the coming summer

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Use sunscreen, stay hydrated, and wear flip-flops to avoid stepping on sharp objects.

Summer is that sweet time of year where we kiss our schoolwork goodbye and embrace all kinds of carefree fun. As enjoyable as the season is, though, it’s important to stay safe, so here’s some tips to keep in mind!

First things first: when it’s a scorcher outside, avoid physically intense activities. Whether it’s a round of competitive sports in the park with your buddies or a hardcore solo workout, you’ll be at risk of becoming dehydrated. All that sweat, exercise, and sunlight can then cause a heat stroke – when the body becomes too hot and loses control of its ability to regulate temperature. Even walking on a really hot day poses this risk, so be extra careful to stay cool and hydrated.

Also, make sure you have on some footwear! It’s very tempting to walk around barefoot during the summer, especially in grassy areas, by the pool, or the sandy beach. I mean, the ground is so warm and wriggling your toes in nature feels so wonderful! However, on particularly hot days, the ground can get ultra hot and cause nasty blisters on your feet. There may also be sharp hidden objects like glass shards, nails, or rocks that’ll make you wish you’d worn a pair of flip-flops.

If you’re headed to a picnic with friends and family, make sure you don’t let the food rot! Perishable items like dairy products, meat, fruits, and veggies should not be at room temperature for more than four hours, so keep them chilled until you’re ready to chow down.

Lastly, take a buddy with you if you’re going to go for a swim. Even the most experienced swimmers can run into trouble in uncharted waters like lakes, and having a friend there can mean the difference between life and death.

Featured image courtesy of havenholidays on Flickr.