The Samsung smartwatch

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

You know Samsung, right? The giant tech company that makes gadgets like smartphones, cameras, fridges, computers, televisions, and tablets? I thought so. Well, according to some buzz that’s been going around town, the company is going to reveal their latest smartwatch – Galaxy Gear – in a conference next month! The watch is said to feature a 2.7-inch screen (that’s wider than my wrist), speakers, a camera, Bluetooth, and a brilliant display on a flexible screen. Just like any other smart product, it will also be able to surf the web. Though there have been rumors about the Galaxy Gear doubling as a phone, one source tells The Verge it’s simply not true. “It works with phones,” says the source. “[But] the watch is not a phone.” Many people are wondering how the smartwatch will work with phones. As for me, I have a feeling it will work kind of like the HOT Watch!

Featured image courtesy of Samsung.