Sarah Thomas might become the first ever female NFL official

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Sarah Thomas is positioned to make NFL history as the first female official. She’s a finalist currently for one of the next full-time openings on an NFL “officiating” crew for 2014. Thomas says, “The guys that I officiate with, it’s a profession. They understand that we’re all there for the same goal, to get through the game, go unnoticed, be uneventful, and so I don’t ever feel like I’m isolated or anything.” Once a University of Mobile basketball player, Thomas became the first female official for a Division 1-A high school football game in 1996, in Mississippi. Ever since, she’s worked in the United Football League and officiated both a Senior Bowl and a college bowl game. Currently, she’s in New Orleans helping the Saints practice and will be involved in their Saturday scrimmage as part of the NFL’s Officiating Development Program.