Scientists discover deadliest poison known to man

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Botox structure
Model of botulinum toxin.

We’ve all heard rumors of Hollywood’s famous actors and actresses getting injections of Botox to keep their faces looking youthful. Well, did you know that the injections are actually poisonous? That’s right, Botox is short for botulinum toxin!

Now, researchers have discovered a new strand they’re calling the “deadliest substance known to man,” and keeping the information top secret!

Why would they do that? Well, like they said, it’s one of the most dangerous toxins ever. If a person accidentally consumes it, they could die from as little as 2 billionths of a gram. Since 1 pound has about 453 grams, it’s like taking 1 of those grams, dividing it into a billion tiny itsy bitsy pieces, and then only eating 2 of them. Also, even just breathing in 13 billionths of a gram is apparently enough to kill someone!

As you can tell, this poison is extremely deadly, and there is no antidote. That’s why scientists decided to keep the data a secret, something that’s never been done before. There are 7 other types of botulinum toxins, named A through G, and this new discovery has been assigned the letter H.

“Because no antitoxins as yet have been developed… the authors had detailed [conversations] with representatives from… US government agencies,” said the editors of the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

I know some people might not like that scientists are withholding this information, but personally, I’m glad they are! I don’t even want to imagine all the damage the poison could cause if it fell into the wrong hands.

Featured image courtesy of CDC.