Scientists discover girls can do more than boys!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

myth multitask
In an experiment set up by the Mythbusters show, women could juggle ironing clothes, cooking, talking on the phone, and dealing with a baby better than men.

Have you ever tried to talk to a boy while he was texting or typing on the computer? In my experience, they never notice! Meanwhile, I know girls that can talk on the phone, watch TV, and cook at the same time. It’s been a commonly held belief that girls are better multitaskers than boys, and finally, there’s science to prove it.

A group of psychologists from the Universities of Hertfordshire, Glasgow, and Leeds conducted two sets of experiments in order to demonstrate this. In the first set, 120 men and 120 women were put in front of a computer screen for two tests, which were given one at a time. In this case, the gents and ladies performed the computer challenge with similar speed and accuracy.

The difference came when both tests had to be performed at the same time. Sure, the girls completed the test around 60% slower than when they were taken back to back, but that’s way better than the guys, who took almost 80% longer!

This wasn’t the only task where the women excelled, either.

In a second experiment, 47 men and 47 women had limited time to complete the following three tasks in whatever order they wanted: sketch out a plan to locate lost keys in a field, find restaurant symbols on a map, and solve basic math questions. As if that wasn’t enough to juggle, the participants were also told to expect a phone call sometime in the experiment. Based on the results, women did much better on the key search test, which suggests they have superior control with planning and monitoring.

Not too shabby ladies!

Featured image courtesy of Jenn Vargas on Flickr. Image of Mythbusters courtesy of Discovery on YouTube.