Secret Google X lab maps the perfect human body

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

The Google X team will examine the tiniest pieces of our bodies to compile a huge data bank that will prevent and identify diseases more quickly.

Google X, the search engine giant’s secret research branch, is involved in all kinds of projects that push the boundaries of science. Now, Google X is setting off on a mission to map the human body, gathering massive amounts of microscopic data to determine what the ideal healthy human looks like.

Dr. Andrew Conrad of Google X is leading a team of 70-100 experts from a wide variety of fields like physiology (the functions of living organisms), biochemistry (the chemistry of life), optics (vision and the behavior of light), and specialists in his own field, molecular biology (life at the tiniest level).

They will be collecting and analyzing hundreds of tiny biological samples from volunteers, including human genetic material that passes down blueprints for the body’s growth from generation to generation.

Their goal is to gain such a deep understanding of the human body, that they can prevent or quickly detect heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses. Google will combine the kind of computer intelligence they use to make their search engine comb the internet for morsels of data, with medical knowledge to create a highly detailed map of our bodies. By data crunching huge quantities of information into meaningful patterns, the Google X lab will unlock the most detailed secrets of good health.

Featured image courtesy of Macroscopic Solutions on Flickr. Image of microscope courtesy of Instituto Bernabeu on Flickr.