End-of-September football rankings and standings

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

end of September footballAs the NFL season rode past the September yard line into Week 4, faster than the headless horseman, the NCAAF tackled Week 6 to get that flaming pumpkin in the end zone…

…and teams are already looking for ways to trick their opponents, so they can treat their fans to spook-tacular touchdowns!

That’s right, it’s October, and nothing says ‘Halloween’ like the nail-biting suspense and spine-tingling thrills of an intense football match.

Take a look at these end-of-September AP rankings for college football, as well as the AFC and NFC pro football standings. Did your favorites make the cut?

Are your teeth chattering with anticipation, or are you howling at the Moon with frustration?

Images courtesy of NCAAF and NFL.