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These awards have been given on the basis of the overall performance of these software in Accounting Software category. Accounting software solutions have quickly become one of the most crucial tools in the market. Sage Business Cloud Accounting is not the only Accounting software available, and it is not necessarily the perfect choice for your requirements. That is why we have compared Sage Business Cloud Accounting with Hubdoc, weighing one software against the other. If you’re reading this comparison, then you’re probably interested in choosing Sage Business Cloud Accounting or Hubdoc. Sage Business Cloud Accounting provides features like HR & Payroll, Inventory Management, Invoice, Mobile App, Vat, etc. Whereas, Hubdoc provides Barcode Integration, Email Integration, HR & Payroll, Invoice, Mobile Support and other such functionalities.

hubdoc support

Finishing up with the setup is a simple, one-time process. All that needs to be done is you have to search for your account provider and then enter your personal information. Hubdoc app will then automatically pull your documents for you. Once you add an account, it first downloads new bills. Then it proceeds to pull and store all past available bills.

The Hubdoc Scansnap Workflow: Setting Up Fujitsu Scansnap For Streamlined, Paperless Bookkeeping

Our company’s promise to accountants and bookkeepers is all about saving time and helping serve customers more efficiently. This update to our Quickbooks Online integration delivers on that promise. One negative feature is the inability to tag the bank accounts with the last four digits of the credit/debit card that was used so the Hubdoc can push directly to that bank account. Hubdoc help has features that automatically sort and organize all of your documents into searchable and customizable folders.

Your documents are synced to your accounting software and you can also create copies in Box. when your client log in to their online banking site with hubdoc, it capture everything, including their personal bank information.

We’re improving the way we extract data from uploaded documents – bringing you one step closer to “real-time” bookkeeping. As we support more accountants and bookkeepers around the world, we want to continue to provide a high level of service to all of our partners.

Access all of your documents from anywhere in the world. Use your browser or download the app on either Android or iOS. All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt, invoice, or bill with the Hubdoc mobile app.

I Uploaded Files To Hubdoc Before Setting Up The Sharefile Integration ..can I Still Push Them To Sharefile?

ShareFile now offers an integration with Hubdoc, a fast and flexible financial document syncing platform. This integration expedites bookkeeping and financial file storage. Hubdoc connects to Xero, QuickBooks Online,, and cloud storage platforms. Subscription free basic accounts will need to upgrade to connect with this app.

Learn how to add staff members to your firm and grant access to client accounts. Sometimes, banks and suppliers require multiple PVQs. Each time Hubdoc encounters an unanswered PVQ, the connection will pause and will not be able to fetch new documents until you have entered the correct response to the new PVQ. Enter your login credentials for the selected supplier. This allows Hubdoc to log in to the account using read-only access to fetch documents.

Additionally, we’ve added Zoho Books to this comparison to help you make an informed decision. Please contact our support team () and we’ll be happy to assist. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. Both Hubdoc and ReceiptBank have a variety of features and can integrate with numerous cloud platforms. We have compiled the standalone features on their respective platforms and compared them to each other below. Alison combines her role at Silicon Bullet with running two network marketing businesses and is also a Regional Leader for 4Networking as she likes to keep busy.

  • The text recognition is pretty accurate and HubDoc learns as it goes – saving time and minimizing errors.
  • Then it proceeds to pull and store all past available bills.
  • Check which software fits your business requirements perfectly.
  • Learn how to automatically retrieve historical and recurring financial documents from hundreds of banks and online suppliers.

Learn how New Zealand-based accounting and advisory firm Kendons Scott MacDonald implements technology across a large and diverse client base. If you are not using Xero, you can still access Hubdoc support via Hubdoc’s existing system. Learn how to add your clients to your firm’s Hubdoc account here.

Welcome to the Hubdoc blog, where advisors can learn how to use technology to build a people-first accounting or bookkeeping practice. Leverage Hubdoc’s integrations to keep everyone on the same page. No more data silos or documents getting stuck in wallets, inboxes or shoeboxes.

Both platforms are tools designed to boost a business’ productivity. Specifically, Hubdoc and ReceiptBank both take paperwork in all forms, and digitises them so they can be exported for use in your cloud accounting systems. Whether you want to scan the paperwork onto your computer or take a picture with your phone, Hubdoc and ReceiptBank both convert the information found on all documents into usable data. Accounting and bookkeeping practices can use Hubdoc to save time chasing documents from clients, do less data entry, and check transactions against original documents. Xero provides resources to help practices set up Hubdoc for their own use, and easily onboard small business clients. Sync your bills, receipts and invoices and their data to your accounting software.

Hubdoc Security

Click here for information on how to sync Hubdoc with a cloud storage platform such as ShareFile. Learn how to update your profile information, normal balance Hubdoc email, set up two-factor authentication, and more. Start here for an overview of how to start using Hubdoc for your business.

Simply click Log in to Xero Central to be redirected to Hubdoc support in Xero Central.

hubdoc support

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is available on Web App, Windows, Macintosh desktop platforms and IOS, Android, WinPhone, Blackberry mobile platforms. Hubdoc is available on Web App desktop platforms and IOS, Android mobile platforms.

What Cloud Accounting Platforms Can They Integrate With?

Now there is no need to individually go to the client’s bank’s websites and manually download the statements for reconciliation. Hubdoc is a great all-in-one expense tracking/ document collecting software solution.

Sometimes HubDoc doesn’t read certain fonts properly and contacts are recreated multiple times. There doesn’t seem to be a way to delete duplicate contacts which clogs up the list. Occasionally, document uploads fail which can be a pain, but this seems to be fairly infrequent.

This week I have received a notification from Hubdoc to say that it cannot log into my Xero account, so that my monthly invoice from Xero themselves can be retrieved!! Since Hubdoc launched I spend more time on my accounts than previously. In this day and age, where we are all advised to have an additional layer of security on our online accounts, retained earnings I find it incredulous that Hubdoc/Xero cannot work with these parameters. For those who are having a good experience with Hubdoc, I would love to know your secret! They obviously believe that our time is not as valuable as theirs, given that they are using us as Beta Testers! I have a client that has their personal and business in the same log in.

However, the difference is that ReceiptBank’s support channel is on their personal website, and not on Xero Central. This means that there is potentially a smaller pool of resources to rely on when trying to resolve issues. A key point of consideration when deciding on a cloud solution is the extent of support you can expect to receive if you encounter any difficulties using the platform.

In the next section, we have included videos to help you get a better idea of each software. Go through these short videos to understand Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Hubdoc a bit better. Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Hubdoc are supported in the following languages. Deployment is a crucial factor to consider while buying Accounting software.

You can purchase Sage Business Cloud Accounting with Monthly payment plan. Both Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Hubdoc provide free trials for hubdoc support you to test the software before purchasing. Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Hubdoc have been awarded the following awards by SoftwareSuggest.

Hubdoc app automatically pulls your bills and statements and stores them into one secure hub. This means there is one login available to view and manage the documents from all of your accounts. Its makes entering invoices more time-consuming than doing it manually simple as that so what is the point. I can only assume that the people that gave it five stars and use words like workflow are employees of the software developers. It iis not fit for purpose and I will not be using it . Edit, I just tried to contact hubdoc support from the link above and get the error message 403 forbidden this from a software company says all you need to know.

It scans, extracts, and stores your documents, and keeps it ready to be published. The target customer base of Sage Business Cloud Accounting vs Hubdoc is mentioned below. Check which software fits your business requirements perfectly. The quality and timeliness of support are an important parameter while comparing Sage Business Cloud Accounting with Hubdoc. Sage Business Cloud Accounting offers phone, email, live support, training as support to its customers while Hubdoc provides email.

Author: Matt Laslo