Shaun White disappoints, Russia’s figure skaters impress

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Russia figure skating
Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar were effortlessly graceful on the ice.

American snowboarder Shaun White, the reigning gold medalist, disappointed with a surprising 4th place finish during the halfpipe event. Maybe “The Flying Tomato” shouldn’t have gotten a haircut?

“I’m disappointed,” admitted White. “I hate the fact I nailed it in practice, but it happens. It’s hard to be consistent.”

Erin Hamlin, however, redeemed the night by winning America’s first ever individual luge medal. She expertly zoomed down the icy slide, turning corners like a pro for a bronze medal.

“I’m stoked,” exclaimed Hamlin. “Who knew? I definitely pictured it. It was a big goal of mine. After (the 2010 Games) I was really disappointed, and I knew that’s not how I wanted my Olympic legacy to end. It was super-motivating.”

As for the Russians, their domination of figure skating continues, with Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar really stealing the spotlight. They earned a record-breaking short program score of 84.17 with a Cinderella-inspired routine. This is higher than any other skating couple in history! Russia now has 3 medals (including 2 gold) in figure skating, while Canada, Germany, and the US trail behind with only 1 each.

As for what’s next on Day 7, here’s the major events:

Image of Shaun White courtesy of Shaun White Facebook. Image of Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar courtesy of Sochi 2014