Simon Cowell gets made fun of in new musical

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

If you listen closely, you can hear the tears of all the contestants sent home thanks to Simon.

Comedian Harry Hill’s upcoming musical will revolve around Simon Cowell and his show The X Factor. In the new musical, hilariously named I Can’t Sing!, Hill pokes fun at Cowell, the contestants, and the concept of the show. Well, it looks like the tables have turned and it’s finally Cowell’s time to be judged! Now, is the well-known king of sass and rude comments ready for the jabs?! Well, it turns out he’s more than ready… he’s ecstatic!

“I’m used to it. If it bothered me I wouldn’t have done the show,” Cowell said, “I didn’t want to do a musical we took too seriously – it’s a fun show. The big thing for me was if the songs were good or not, but I get it in the neck throughout. I never thought the musical would materialize and when I went to the workshop I was laughing so much I thought we’ve got to make this show.”

The musical will focus on a wannabe popstar and the journey many contestants take while participating in the show. Other than that, we only have a few details such as the name of the musical act, “Please Simon,” which features the hopeful contestants begging for Cowell’s approval, and the lucky actors and actresses that have been cast in the musical. Most recently, Cowell announced that Downton Abbey’s Nigel Harman would play him in the production alongside Cynthia Erivo, who will play the lead character Chanice.

Okay, can we be honest here? Does anyone really continue to watch The X Factor after the auditions are done? I mean, I usually watch for the terrible vocals and Simon Cowell’s sassy attitude, but making a musical that pokes fun at the show? It sounds just like my kind of production! Let’s hope they bring it to Broadway sometime soon. As for now, I Can’t Sing! Is set to open March 26, 2014 at the London Palladium.

Images courtesy of Simon Cowell Facebook.