Sochi Winter Games Day 11 winners

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Russia bobsleigh
Russia’s two-man bobsleigh team.

After a wild weekend of intense competition, Sochi’s day 11 kicked off on Monday with some twists and turns. First of all, Germany ended Austria’s nine-year ski jumping domination by taking a gold in the fiercely contested event.

On the ice, two-time world champs Meryl Davis and Charlie White took a first Olympic ice dancing gold for Team USA, while setting world record scores. On the rougher end of the icy spectrum, women’s ice hockey semifinals concluded, and it looks like Canada will play Team USA this coming Thursday for the bronze medal match!

Then, Russia scored their fifth gold when the two-man bobsleigh team of pilot Alexander Zubkov and brakeman Alexey Voevoda zipped past the competition.

Now, the current medals count for the countries has US and Russia tied for first at 18 medals, followed by the Netherlands at 17, and then a tie for third between Canada and Norway at 13. Germany continues to dominate the gold medals count at 8 total.

Images courtesy of Sochi 2014.