Sochi Winter Olympics weekend highlights

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Sochi 2014
The US ice hockey team gave the Russians a tough fight.

What a weekend! The Sochi Winter Olympics Day 9 on Saturday and Day 10 on Sunday were packed with drama, as the US faced off against rival Russia in ice hockey, skiers zipped downhill in the super giant slalom (Super-G), and puppies were saved from Russian authorities.

The US and Russia took to the ice in a preliminary-round game on Saturday, but judging by the fierce back-and-forth plays, you’d think it was a gold medal round! American T.J. Oshie scored 4 times on 6 attempts in the 8th round, facing down Russian goalie Sergei Bobrovsky and leading the US 3-2 over Russia. Goalie Jonathan Quick made 29 saves and halted five attempts in the shootout. Afterwards, Oshie expressed, “My hands are a little tingling, my feet are tingling. It was pretty nerve-racking out there. We knew it would take 65 minutes and then some.”

Team USA continued its domination, following on the heels of Norway’s Super-G gold medalist Kjetil Jansrud with Andrew Weibrecht’s silver medal finish and Bode Miller’s bronze on Sunday. 36-year-old Miller’s finish makes him the first person over 34 to win an Olympic medal in alpine skiing, and Canadian Jan Hudec, who tied him for the bronze, is the first Canadian to win an alpine skiing medal in 20 years.

Then, in a heartwarming story, US freestyle skiing silver medalist Gus Kenworthy rescued four puppies. Sadly, many of the stray dogs have been put down by Russian authorities, and Kenworthy said, “…I felt really bad, but I definitely wasn’t planning on trying to come here and be some animal activist, or like, spokesperson for humanity, for the dogs, or anything. This particular family just really kind of touched me, and I just think they’re so cute and they need some help. So I’m just going to try to bring this family home.” Not only have friends and family agreed to adopt the little guys, a Russian billionaire – who’s created an animal shelter nearby – is helping him fill out the paperwork involved in exporting the pups.

As of Sunday, the Netherlands is winning the medals race with 17, as Russia and the US tie for 2nd with 16 each, while Norway and Canada follow close behind with 14 apiece. Germany still leads the gold medals race, with 7, but the Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland are catching up with 5 each.

Images courtesy of Sochi 2014.