Solar plane breaks distance record

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

I’d like to introduce you to a very cool plane: the Solar Impulse. Powered by the sunlight in the sky, it is made to travel long distances.

Created in Switzerland by a group called the Solar Impulse Project, this aircraft has gone through a few upgrades over the years, because hey, science is never done trying to be perfect! In fact, its creators hope to one day get it in such tip top shape, that it will be able to fly around the world – an achievement called “circumnavigation”. Recently, the Solar Impulse landed in Dallas, Texas, breaking the distance record for solar-powered flight along its coast to coast journey in America.

solar impulse dockedThe plane is made to be super-light and very wide, and it was flown by the company’s boss, Andre Borschberg. Just a few hours after taking off, his confidence was high as he said, “It’s flying very well.” While he was in the air, a live video link on the internet allowed people to virtually join him on his historic flight. As a result, Borschberg didn’t feel alone in the sky. “They’re all with me virtually,” he said.

The plane is not just made for showing off to people. Borschberg hopes that one day, it can help with renewable energy. He explains, “It shows that with this technology, we can really do something in terms of controlling, reducing our energy consumption.”

As for the previous long-distance record for solar-powered flight, it was 693 miles, which was set last year by the Solar Impulse when it flew from Switzerland to Spain. Now, the new record that Borschberg set is… ready for it? 958 miles!

However, instead of just kicking back and feeling satisfied with that, he’s already aiming for more. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the Solar Impulse as it evolves! It’s exciting to see how far we can push the boundaries of airplane technology.s