The world’s ugliest animals

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

African natives believe making eye contact with the aye-aye is extremely bad luck.

Off the top of your head, can you think of any endangered animals? Some creatures that come to my mind include the fuzzy panda bear, the fierce tiger, and the majestic snow leopard. Did you notice a common theme with the animals I just mentioned? They are all considered cute or beautiful! Well, not all living beings are blessed with good looks, and the Ugly Animal Preservation Society has dedicated its efforts to raising awareness about the not-so-cuddly ones. In honor of their new mascot (which won’t be revealed until the end!), here are a few creatures that make a smelly skunk seem like the perfect pet.

The first animal on the list is the “aye-aye” from Madagascar. This creature spends most of his time high up in the trees of a rain forest and only comes out at night. The sparse puffs of fur over its skinny body kind of makes the aye-aye appear like a scary, balding koala. He also has creepy eyes that are way too big for his tiny little head. In fact, many African tribes believe that the aye-aye is an omen of death; just looking at one is bad enough to kill a person! Believe it or not, they are related to chimpanzees, apes, and yes, even humans! This is one family member you won’t want at your next birthday party. Just don’t say that out loud, because his big floppy ears will definitely hear you from across the room. In fact, their sensitivity to sound rivals the next animal on the list.

The blobfish is unofficially the ugliest animal in the world. To put it simply, he looks like a giant wad of grumpy goo.

The huge-eared horseshoe bat (pictured at the very top) looks like he actually got kicked by a horse, since his face appears horribly deformed. While normal bats release high-pitched sounds through their mouths to locate objects in their environment, the horseshoe bat sends them through his nose! Little flaps on his face – known as “noseleaves” – enhance the high-pitched squeals for a more focused sonic blast. They also enhance his hideousness, since it looks like half of his face missing.

Still, I’m sure the horseshoe bat would rather have no nose than to have that of the blobfish, which is the official mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society! The fish has jello-like muscles that are barely thicker than water, so he can lazily float on the bottom of the ocean and wait for creatures to swim into his mouth. The blobfish has a mushy pink body and is slimy to the touch. His nose resembles a sac filled with gummy mucus, doesn’t it? In fact, his whole body reminds me of the giant wads of pink gum I chewed on as a young girl. With the ever-present frown on his face, the drooling blobfish doesn’t look too friendly!

Well, even if these animals aren’t exactly easy on the eyes, I’m sure they have great personalities…

Featured image courtesy of Department of Environment & Primary Industries on Flickr. Image of aye-aye courtesy of HeatherMG on Flickr. Image of blobfish courtesy of Grufnik on Flickr.