Sony tosses marketing exec after movie failures

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Marc Weinstock
Marc Weinstock, smack dab in the middle with his light blue shirt, attends the Hotel Transylvania premiere.

It’s hard to imagine the same company that created the PlayStation flopping harder than a fish out of water, right? Well, unfortunately, Sony’s entertainment section completely tanked in the movie-making department. As a result, Marc Weinstock, the studio’s Worldwide Marketing President since 2008, was fired. Guess he didn’t do a good enough job advertising or all those summer “blockbusters” might have been number one! Pretty harsh, but it’s not too surprising considering the company’s summer failures After Earth, White House Down, and Elysium cost Sony millions of dollars. Temporary staff members will take over Weinstock’s duties until a replacement is found.

It may seem odd for one person to take all the blame, but when the box office falls short, movie producers point their fingers at the marketing executives! Their jobs involve developing advertisements that promote the film and persuade crowds to check it out. So, whenever you see a huge poster lining the city walls or a creepy commercial in the middle of the night… it’s all planned! See, movies with famous actors tend to do well at the box office, but will anyone check out the film if there are no advertisements broadcasting the flick?! A couple thousand hardcore fans might, but the casual viewer will not go out of their way and see what’s in theaters.

Now, despite what may have happened, Weinstock was successful during his 13 years at Sony Pictures. He worked his way up the ladder, helping fellow marketing co-head Valerie Van Galder until he was promoted. In fact, big hits like The Amazing Spider-Man and the James Bond thriller Skyfall owe part of their worldwide success to the global marketing strategist!

Does firing their Marketing President mean Sony’s destined for ultimate failure? No, let’s not get too drastic! When you compare the company with others who have had their fair share of failures (like Disney and The Lone Ranger), Sony’s finances start to seem fine. Besides, the PlayStation 4 is coming out soon, so there’s nothing but success coming their way!

Featured image courtesy of Coolcaesar on Wikipedia. Image of Marc Weinstock courtesy of Hotel Transylvania Facebook. Video courtesy of After Earth.