Sony’s wearable HDTV headset

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

How can they fit the power of a 750-inch television into such a small space?

Watching videos and movies on your mobile device is great, but it can get kind of awkward sometimes. Your arm has to be in a stiff position, and the screen picks up a lot of glare from surrounding lights. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, Sony’s new HMZ-T3W is the gadget for you.

Sony describes their new gadget as a wearable HDTV, and it truly is exactly what they say. The screen on the inside of the device only measures 0.7 inches diagonally, but it is the equivalent of watching a 750-inch screen from a mere 65 feet away.

Since the HMZ-T3W connects to Blu-ray Players, mobile devices, and even video games, people could easily spend hours using the super portable TV.

According to Sony, their wearable HDTV can stream videos really quickly, so there is no annoying lag. An impressive surround sound feature also immerses a person in whatever video or game they are playing, which can be in 2D or 3D. It shouldn’t be too uncomfortable to do so either.

The wireless HMZ-T3W only weighs 11.3 ounces and straps around a person’s head, where most of the weight is taken away from the nose. It can even be used while wearing normal glasses. Since there is a puffy cushion there along the headstrap, you’ll barely even feel them. “The cordless convenience of WirelessHD™ combined with a versatile mobile battery makes the wearable HDTV the perfect device for maximum theater-like entertainment,” reads the Sony website.

While the HMZ-T3W is much smaller compared to a 750-inch screen, it still costs about $1,000.

Images courtesy of Sony.