SpaceX’s Grasshopper jumps higher than ever!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

blast off
The Grasshopper blasts off for a mega leap!

Remember earlier this year when SpaceX launched their Grasshopper rocket more than 1,000 feet into the air? Well, the company is one “jump” closer to reaching space, because in SpaceX’s latest test flight, the Grasshopper managed to get to a whopping 2,440 feet up before landing on the launch pad!

I know 2,440 feet doesn’t seem like a lot, and in reality, it’s not. Heck, there are several buildings that are way taller than that. However, the real important feature about the Grasshopper is it’s ability to land back down on the ground. This may seem very basic, but it allows the rocket to be used over and over again, unlike traditional ones that are launched only once (and burn a bunch of cash in the process)!

There’s still a long way for the Grasshopper to go before it reaches the cosmos, but if SpaceX can manage to get a rocket into space and back all in one piece, they’ll definitely be lightyears ahead of other companies trying to do the same.

Images courtesy of SpaceX on YouTube.