Spayce App is the “in-person” social network

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Spayce app
The app allows people within 300 feet of each other to connect.

Harvard senior Patrick Colangelo believes he’s created the future of social media that will outshine Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He calls his app Spayce, and unlike the global reach of the most popular social media platforms, this app will only connect local individuals within about 300 feet, and erase news feeds after about two hours.

Once a user loads the app on their phone, they will make one of two profiles. The personal profile is intended for more social settings and describes a user’s relationship status, friends, and three words that best describes them. A professional profile is for more business-like settings, and it will include the person’s current work information and three industries they are associated with.

When a user connects with another user, they can begin to create a “Memory”, which are sort of like news feeds. They can be public, private, or shared with friends and take the form of texts, messages, videos, pictures, and audio clips. After 120 minutes, the history is erased from a friend’s feed, but it is permanently saved for the user.

Spayce definitely seems like something that will kick off quickly, and the developers are currently working to market their product across the globe. According to the app’s Facebook page, it will be out in early 2014.

Images courtesy of Spayce.