Have a live conversation in 25 different languages

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Conveniently carry the SIGMO translator around your neck.

In the sci-fi world of Star Trek, a device known as the Universal Translator allows humans to communicate with alien races all over the universe. While we probably won’t be communicating with aliens anytime soon, the SIGMO device makes it easy to hold a conversation in a different language.

SIGMO is a box-like gadget about the size of an Altoids box that includes a speaker, a microphone, and 25 different languages. A person simply has to connect the gadget to their mobile smartphone, set their default native tongue, and then choose the language they want to translate. When the owner speaks into SIGMO while holding down one button, the internet-connected device will use a service such as Google Translate to change it to the selected language.

Finally, the translated message is played on the speaker at the push of a second button. Amazingly, this whole process happens within seconds after the first words leave your mouth.

The lightweight and compact design makes it ideal to hang around the neck, strap onto clothes, or brace around the arm. That’s pretty convenient, considering how easily you can break down language barriers while touring the world or speaking with a foreign exchange student. Heck, why not order food from your favorite exotic restaurant in its native tongue!

The device will cost around $50 and is available as early as next month. You’ll never have to overemphasize words, exaggerate gestures, or experience embarrassing encounters with unfamiliar languages ever again!

Images courtesy of SIGMO.