Spider silk and medical implants?

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Eek, it’s a spider! Wait… before you step on that thing, it just might hold the key to healing your body inside its webby silk. See, a team of scientists from Oxford University and The College of William and Mary have unlocked secrets found inside the poisonous brown recluse spider. What’s so special about this usually dangerous eight-legged mini-monster?

Well, its silk is very special compared to most spidies. They’re super-thin ribbons rather than the usual round fibers in regular ol’ arachnids (science talk for spiders). Not only are these ribbons as strong and tough as normal spider silk, their extra thinness lets them adapt to surfaces and they’re ultra sticky.

Because the special material is easier for scientists to take a close look at, the research team is confident that the knowledge can be used for implanted sensors in the human body. Spidery strings inside us? Yup! They’re very friendly with our body and are incredibly tough. Now, don’t go putting any spider webs on you or anything. We’re talking some really advanced science here!

Featured image courtesy of Ladyb695 on Wikipedia.